How do I find the answer to a quiz ?

As explained in the about me, quizzes are introductory articles for some particular topics. My belief is that if the reader is first presented a problem and, later on, the solution, it will help him understand better the discussed topic.
The solution for a quiz is typically published 3-4 weeks after the quiz (although sometimes, due to time constraints, it may take much longer).

The easiest way to find the solution for a particular quiz is to use the Search box on the top-right corner - click the red magnifying glass and search for the string "quiz-XX" where XX is the number of the quiz:

The search result will display both the quiz and the solution posts.

How often do you publish new quizzes?

Although I strive to publish at least 2 quizzes per month, time is always hard to find and I usually break this rule...

Where do you take the quizzes from ?

Along my experience I have created a log of interesting scenarios that I encountered in my job or my studies. I am using this personal log to develop quizzes based on the topic that I want to write about.

Why the SDN series of articles?

As indicated in the first topic about SDN, I believe that software defined networks represents the future of networking technologies.
The same way computer industry evolved from closed, proprietary, specialized-hardware into horizontal, open-inteface systems, the same way networking will develop and, maybe, split the manufactures into hardware and software ones, each trying to do best what they are meant to do.

What are the QOTD posts and how often do you publish them?

Question of the Day (QOTD) represents a new series of articles have been added after the blog was migrated to Pelican and are meant to keep the blog alive by publishing networking questions and answers that are small in size and fast to read. They are not complex (since the complex topics will get separate quizzes and full-blown articles).
Although the title suggests that they are published on a daily basis, realistically speaking I will not be able to do that, but I target to publish 2-3 questions per week.

How many people are behind this blog ? Do you need help ?

There's only one person behind this blog and it is entirely developed in my free time. As such, there are no SLAs for posting new articles nor for answering the comments.
Do I need help ? Why not !...

What's with all the Ads ?

The blog represents my way of giving back to the community, sharing back !.
Nonetheless, besides my time, I also invest small amounts of money to make / keep this blog as a professional one.


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