Hello and Welcome to CostiSer.Ro in 2016 !!

After a long period of inactivity, I decided to resume my on-line activity in the blogging space.
Being a perfectionist, I was not happy with the Wordpress platform mostly because of the continuous upgrades that I was supposed to perform. Don't get me wrong, Wordpress is a very powerful platform and I used it for very long time with great success.

Another very important driver for migration was the fact that I wanted something based on Python - as this is something that I'm using on a daily basis in my work.

Last, but not least, I wanted a new HTML template that I would have full control of, that I could tailor the way I wanted to and, also very important, that would be responsive and mobile friendly.

The Journey

Finding the right platform for my needs (which I won't list now) was not easy. I started with Mezzanine, a very powerful content management platform based on Django framework that resembles in some ways with Wordpress.

While playing with it, I started thinking more and more about static site generators such as Pelican - hmmm, maybe I was (a bit ☺) influenced by my friend @trueneutral.eu. I gave it a try and that was it !

One of the most painful (and time consuming) actions was the migration of each article from Wordpress to Markdown. Yes, there are tools out there to do that and I used them, but I had loads of manual HTML code that I used in each Wordpress article (how stupid of me!).

Also, I created a new theme for Pelican based on an HTML template that I bought on-line.

The result

The result is what you are browsing right now ! I am very pleased with it !
But that is not all: migrating to a static site decreased the response time by half, as seen in the graph below:

Response Times for CostiSer.Ro after migrating to Pelican

What else did I do in 2015 ?

Heh, not much blogging...
But I would like to use this article to introduce a nice initiative that was born late last year, the Irish Network Operators Group, a community that grew from 5 people to over 130 in 6 months.
If you are a network engineer in Ireland, make sure you visit the office website (https and dual-stack) and join the Google Group or access the iNOG Slack.

Plans in 2016 ?

Lots of things that I want to do, lots of ideas, lots of work... but so few hours in a day
I will, most probably, not have too much time to write quizzes, although I will try to make few from time to time. Instead I will, hopefully, write more about network automation and SDN.
In parallel, I introduced a new section, called Question of the Day, small and fast to read posts.

For more details, see the about me or faq pages.